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Adjustment mechanism

Adjustment mechanism

The ADEeF provides to all the GRD a set of documents in the context of the implementation of the mechanism of adjustment V7

Common model to be signed between a party participating in the adjustment mechanism with sites linked to the public electricity network of distribution and a DSO (Download model here).

Rules MA SI describing the technical modalities of exchanges between a DSO and the main adjustment actors and sample files :

The technical modalities for exchanges between a DSO and the TSO (Transport System Operator) are described in the following documents :

  • "Implementation Guide of the data exchanges with RTE (the french TSO) for the management of the perimeters, the control of the exchanges realized, and the providers’ payment in the context of the adjustment mechanism" available on: (link here)
  • In the hypothesis of the inability to implement, a DSO may obtain a derogation to send its data by mail to a specific mailbox of the RTE’s Front Office.

These techniques come from the rules of RTE with regards to the IS (Information System) access. The customers internet site of RTE provides descriptions of the techniques, especially in the following documents:

  • Rules IS available and General Appendix of Rules IS available via : (Link here)
  • The rules relative to the Mechanism of Adjustment approved by the current CRE : (Download model here)



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