The ADEeF, Association of the
Distributors of Electricity in France


in France

The ADEeF brings together more than 150 entities of different size and legal form responsible for the management of networks distribution.

Performance indicators of the distribution of electricity in France to the 12-31-2015

13.5 billion euros in revenue for the use of networks

38.6 million points of delivery essentially HTA and BT (some points of delivery HTB)

More than 41,000 employees

768,447 km of low voltage networks (BT)

686,867 km of medium voltage networks (HTA)

3,463 km of high-voltage networks (HTB)

836,431 transformer substations HTA/BT

2,454 transformer substations HTB/HTA

10 transformer substations HTB/HTB

The ADEeF allows you to find all the DSO of all the French local municipalities through the following link:



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